Mega Joker

What Is Mega Joker?

The game Mega Joker, created by NetEnt, is a classic slot with a 3×3 grid layout with 5 fixed paylines. It gives you the feeling of olden times and uses retro animations as well as low-quality graphics to make it look like an old-fashioned slot machine found in a physical captain jack casino.

The level of risk in this game is high and it has a progressive jackpot feature too. The return to player percentage for Mega Joker can even go up till 99%. The game has a Supermeter mode, increasing chances of winning and giving players ability to bet from 1 EUR to 10 EUR on each spin. The slot symbols are classic fruit machine icons like fruits, 7s and bells. The maximum win is not that high at only 2000x.

Accessibility and Betting

NetEnt’s slot game Mega Joker is easy for any player to start with, as it offers a wide range of betting options. The smallest bet you can make is just 1 credit per spin; this makes the game suitable for casual players or those who want to play with low stakes. 

On the other hand, if you have more money for gambling and are ready to take bigger risks, setting up your maximum bet can be as high as 10 credits per spin in this slot machine

Game Modes

The regular game of Mega Joker has a simple 3×3 layout with 5 paylines. It presents players the typical slot machine experience, showing traditional symbols like fruits, bells and treasure chests that determine winnings according to winning combinations.

Players can either put in 1 or 10 coins for every spin, and if they win with 10 coins bet and all paylines active in the base game then it’s possible to enter Supermeter mode. In this special mode you can put bets of either 20, 40, 100 or even up to as much as two hundred coins per spin which will help increase your chance at winning bigger rewards along with more ways for getting paid out better combinations too. 

The game’s progressive jackpot feature is very thrilling, as the money increases with every player’s turn until someone strikes that big winning combination on this slot machine.

Progressive Jackpot

The main thing that makes Mega Joker different and appealing for those hoping for big wins is its progressive jackpot. This type of prize gets bigger every time someone places a bet on the game, with part of each wager going into this growing pot.

For you to have a chance at winning the jackpot, it’s necessary to earn less than or equal to 10 coins per spin and get three Joker symbols on one active payline. Even with a regular maximum payout of 2000x, the progressive jackpot has potential to grow into huge sums. This can be a very exciting and profitable part of the game.

Symbols and Payouts

In the Mega Joker slot, you will find many classic symbols from old-fashioned slot machines. These include cherries, lemons, watermelons, bells and treasure chests as well as jokers. The game has 3 reels that can be seen on a traditional slot machine and there are 5 fixed paylines which means they cannot be changed or adjusted. Depending on the mode being played – regular or supermeter – these symbols may appear in various layouts across these lines of winnings.

In the regular game, if you land 3 symbols of the same kind, it can pay from 10 to 200 coins. The treasure chest symbol gives out the highest typical payout ranging between 200 and 2,000 coins. In Supermeter mode the payouts rise a lot with three “Mega” symbols Mega Joker, Mega Bell and Mega 7s giving away up to 2k in total for all three coins put as stake (bet). There are also new types of fruit like orange or grape that have high value when matched together within these modes too.

Mega Joker Is A Place Where Classics

Supermeter Mode

The Supermeter mode is a special characteristic in Mega Joker which gives players better winning possibilities and more advantages. This mode becomes active when players make a win combination within the base game, have maximum bet and their winnings are lower than 2000 coins. In this Supermeter mode, players can decide to play automatically with their topmost win as stake.

They get choices of 20, 40, 100 or even up to 200 coins per spin – this way offering a better chance for them to win larger rewards. Supermeter mode brings forth a different paytable with better rewards. Symbols such as chests get substituted by sevens and new symbols like oranges are introduced.

This gives players the chance to win significant prizes. If you manage to get just one Joker symbol on any reel in Supermeter mode, it might trigger a Mystery Prize of varying from 100 to 2000 coins. The added element of surprise and unpredictability makes this feature more exciting for the players.

Software Provider

Mega Joker, created by NetEnt, is a very famous and respected name in the online gaming field. This company has a history of making interesting and creative slot games such as Starburst, Berry Burst or Mega Fortune among many others.

They have become one leading developer with their wide variety for players to enjoy playing at all times showing commitment towards providing high-quality products that always satisfy player needs, something you can see when exploring this game called Mega Joker.

Mega Joker offers traditional experience combined with new elements like Supermeter mode plus features such as progressive jackpot which make it both thrilling and rewarding for those who try it out. NetEnt’s strength in making games for online and mobile platforms has helped them do well in different markets around the world.

RTP and Free Spins

The Mega Joker slot has a very high RTP of up to 99%, which is among the top in online gaming. It’s important to note that this maximum RTP can only be achieved if you play with the highest bet of 10 coins for each spin. If your bet drops down to just 1 coin per spin, then the return rate decreases considerably and becomes 76.9%. Even though Mega Joker has a high RTP, it does not provide free spins or bonus games. The only extra feature is Supermeter mode which you can activate by winning in the base game.

Mega Joker, a classic slot game, gives players an interesting mix of old memories and new characteristics. It has high RTP along with progressive jackpot plus exciting Supermeter mode to engage all types of gamers.

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